Multiple uses:

    • This hand juicer machine has multiple uses other than preparing fruit drinks that include the squeezing of lemon, grapefruits etc. As non-electrical, it also does not create much noise pollution and works smoothly



    • This hand juice maker with a steel handle is perfect for a wanting to have a picnic outside it can be taken from one place to another easily. This hand juice is small in size and light weight too. These hands juicers do not make the surroundings look messy when operated. Present with a very simple and basic body design, these hand juicers do not require much effort while cleaning and can be washed away easily with its detachable mechanism.


    • Manufactured with high-quality food-grade stainless steel and plastic material this juice machine hand operated with steel handle is absolutely safe and healthy to use.It does not require much care. It works efficiently and works best for a person looking for a manual hand juicer. It does not break easily and is rust free.


    • Unlike the other electrical juicer juicer machines bought at expensive prices at the market, this manual hand juicer machine steel handles come at very affordable ranges and fit in almost everyone’s budget.

    Saves electricity:

    • Present with a steel handle this hand fruit juicer does not require any electricity as operated by manual labor. It does not require much effort while operating and is quick and easy. Available with a very stylish and sleek body design these hand juicers do not require a special place in your kitchen and can look good in any corner in the kitchen. It also does not require much of your kitchen space built with a very small body design.